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"Command and Get Higher Fees, Finish 2018 Super-Strong, Dominate the Conversation in Your Market, and Create Irresistible Offers that Your Prospects Will JUST SAY YES To!"

Today Only: Pre-order your VIP pass to "Create Your Dream Business and Live Your Dream Lifestyle" and be ready to significantly accelerate your growth and profitability in 2018, 2019 - and beyond!

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Pre-Order The Video Series Now - Just $297

Just imagine how quickly your business will grow once we show you these powerful, proven, and easy-to-implement strategies guaranteed to substantially boost your profits:

  • 3 things you need to implement right away so you finish 2018 strong and prepare for a profitable 2019
  • The power of celebrity branding as a positioning and status tool that makes you the #1 go-to leader in your industry
  • Video marketing that generates revenue and attracts customers - tactics and strategies that transform produced videos as well as livestreams (such as Facebook and YouTube Live) into revenue and profit centers for your business
  • What separates the top 1% from the rest - according to the IRS (2018), the average income for the top 1% is $480,930 - this is an attainable goal for you, too, and I'll show you how
  • Seed-based marketing - this sell-without-selling approach makes marketing your business and attracting new clients and customers part of your everyday normal conversation - no script, no rehearsal!
  • How to command and get higher fees - most entrepreneurs leave most of their money on the table because something stops them from charging what they deserve... we will fix this for you very, very quickly

That's just part of what we're covering on Day 1.

Now, vision yourself and the power you will have as an entrepreneur and small business owner when you combine all of the above with the following strategies and tactics:

  • The money and success mindset that sets you free from worry and puts an end to those 3am "holy crap" moments that arise when cash doesn't meet flow
  • The true power of the mastermind - enjoy case studies and real-world reports from my most successful students, with examples you can emulate and adapt for your own success
  • How to sell from the stage like a pro - I built a high 6-figure membership program almost entirely by speaking from stages across the country; now, I will give you my proven 9-step formula that gets the audience running to the back of the room (yes, this still happens, even here in 2018)
  • Six steps to a Dream Business - no matter how much you may feel you're struggling or working too hard now, your Dream Business could be just 6 steps away (or less)
  • The big drivers of success - Dream Business owners have the same 24 hours as you do; I will de-mystify how they use this time and bandwidth and give you a proven model to adapt into your own personal and business lifestyle
  • DECIDE to JUST SAY YES - discover the power just a few words have to deliver you to the success you desire and truly deserve in your Dream Business

You Will Get Started IMMEDIATELY With My Customer-Loving™ Profit Bundle Now

As soon as you pre-reserve your access to the video series, you will receive a powerful collection of PDF e-guides that have helped so many Dream Business owners, like you:

  • Know Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy and Pay You For
  • Generate Tons of Traffic to Your Website
  • Grow Your Business with Social Media
  • Increase Blog Traffic Fast
  • Guaranteed Profit Boosters
  • What to Sell and How to Sell It: Seven HOT Services You Can Sell to Make Cash Fast!

You will see the links to download as soon as you pre-reserve your video series and set up your username and password.

Plus, You Get All Of The Exciting Bonus Faculty Presentations, In Their Entirety!

One of the most exciting aspects of Dream Business Academy is our amazing guest-speaker lineup.

The same people who have helped me go from "revenue-free" to a high 6-figure business that supports my Dream Lifestyle, living on my boat, are sharing

The Very Same Tactics I Use Personally
And Can Vouch For As A Satisfied Customer

In addition to the videos of their presentations, you will also receive PDF copies of their presentation slides and/or handouts.

Let's meet your Dream Business Faculty:

Melanie Benson - "Optimizing Your Money DNA Now"

Discover the step-by-step formula proven to rewire your unconscious success barriers and unlock channels to your new life of wealth, prosperity and automatic success – in under 90 days!

Adam Hommey - "Secrets To Doing a Kick Butt Product or Book Launch That They Don't Teach In Marketing School"

Adam’s always entertaining presentations are packed full of marketing wisdom. He will share some incredible psychological triggers behind successful product, service, and book launches. These will place you light years ahead of the competition, even before you start your "pre-launch!" Adam will even share some of the strategies Jim uses in his business!

‘One-Click’ Lindsey Anderson - "How to Generate More Targeted Traffic and Qualified Leads to Your Business"

Every business needs to attract more targeted traffic to their web sites and build a large, responsive and powerful list that they can market to. Industry leader Lindsey will share actual client examples of eye‐grabbing landing pages and irresistible offers to attract high‐end clients!

Carmen Torres - "How to Build a Powerful Team to Leverage Your Dream Business"

PEOPLE are the most important element of any Dream Business! In this content-rich presentation, HR expert Carmen Torres will show you how to avoid potentially dangerous liabilities and remain lean, mean and legal!

Lyndsay Phillips - "How to Leverage a Podcast to Increase Your Relationships, Exposure and Conversions"

One of the best ways to grow your business is by dominating the conversation with your own media. Your podcast is a vitally-important part of that puzzle. Lyndsay will walk you through the "Podcast Success Blueprint" so you can profit from this ever-increasing phenomena.

Diane Gardner - "How to Stop Overpaying Your Taxes and Keep More of What You Earn"

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates that business owners overpay their taxes by $50 billion each year. Are you overpaying? Diane will show you how to avoid this so you keep more of your hard-earned revenues and profits to invest in your business, your team - and your dream lifestyle.

Ann Deiterich - "Million Dollar Secrets on How to Get Your Book Edited and Published Quickly"

Ann has been Jim's editor since he wrote his first book, The Magic of Newsletter Marketing, over 10 years ago! In this much-anticipated interview with Jim, Ann he will reveal many of the "behind the scenes" secrets driving Jim's success publishing 12 books in 10 years.

Chris Mullins - "The Secret to Converting More Prospects and Closing More Sales Using the Telephone!"

In this fast-paced talk, industry veteran Chris Mullins will share her best secrets on how to train your staff (including you) on how to approach cold prospects and convert them into paying customers, as well as how to boost your customer retention.

The great news for you, today, is:

You Will Get Priority Access To The Complete Series As Soon As The Videos Are Edited And Ready For You

Obviously, because Dream Business Academy is still going on, the videos aren't ready yet 🙂

That said, we are working with a top-notch videographer who has worked with numerous Dream Business owners to create their video courses.

He showed me a sample from our footage this morning - it looks and sounds GREAT!

The videos will be loaded up for you inside our top-secret Members' Area as soon as they're edited and organized - should be 30 days or less.

As you consider your decision now, just a heads-up that

Today Is Your ONLY Opportunity To Claim These Videos At This (Or, Possibly ANY) Price!

I'm thinking about offering this video collection to the general public at a later date (TBA - it could be next month or next year).

If (and that's a gigantic IF) I do, it will be a much higher price point than the very low $297 to pre-reserve your access today.

And it's entirely possible I may ultimately choose to only make this available to my mastermind members as a paid upgrade to their existing benefits, and never offer this to the public again.

Waiting is a risk - DECIDING and JUST SAYING YES is the sure move.

Pre-reserve your access today!

Pre-Order The Video Series Now - Just $297