Head Writer, Success Advantage Publishing

About Ann Deiterich

Having a degree in English/Communication Arts, Ann has spent the bulk of her career in the graphic arts industry honing skills in efficiency, planning, leadership, quality control and training.

Her longtime boss had this to say:

“She is extraordinarily competent with complex scenarios using her wit and humor to help coworkers cope with tight deadlines and production demands.”

Ann began freelancing in 2009, after nearly 25 years in printing, specifically managing the digital print sector in a full-service marketing company.  She understands the sales process and knows how to craft the message that will get you action and results. With a wealth of experience in visual communication and a background and education in writing, she knows which words to use and how they should look for the greatest impact.

She’s been successful in her career because of the qualities you’d expect: hard-working, results-oriented, dependable and organized. She’ll bring the same traits to each of your projects with a level of customer service that’s second to none. Deadlines? No sweat. 25 years in printing, remember?

By the end of the project, you’ll want her on your staff.