What You Gain

When You Come To Dream Business Academy, You Will Gain Exactly What You Need - What's Likely Been Missing From Your Current Business Model

Dream Business Academy is not theory, fluff or happy talk. This is by far the most unique ‘hand on’ content rich event for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are seeking more growth.

You will be learning from entrepreneurs who are in the trenches and have real world experience exactly what it takes to build a Dream Business.

Just as important, you will learn what NOT to do – saving you a ton of time and money.

You will see the "view from the cockpit" and see exactly how simple and fun it is to build a world-class Dream Business.

The Dream Business Pathway

Here is the pathway to success we will explore together (note, more speakers and topics may be added as we get nearer):


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Dream Business Academy Focuses on the Assets You Already Have, and Builds Upon Those With What I Call "Smart Marketing!" You Will Learn How to Position and Market Your Business to Attract a Steady Stream of New Business!

Just imagine how quickly your business will grow once we show you these powerful, proven and easy-to-implement strategies guaranteed to substantially boost your profits.

First of all, for September 2018 and due to strong popular demand from our community in response to questions we posed, we've added a new topic:

  • How To Craft a Successful, Revenue-Generating "Speak to Sell" Presentation! (NEW!) Given everything else you could do that falls under the umbrella of marketing – this is THE skill that you need to learn and master.

You will also discover how to:

  • Market and Grow a Profitable Business. Learn how to profit, even during a crappy economy. (Do you know how many of today’s leading companies were born during the Great Depression?)
  • Create a Million Dollar Multimedia Platform. In this jaw-dropping presentation, watch me ‘demonstrate before your eyes’ how to easily create an Internet TV episode, in just a few minutes (in addition to everything else going on!)
  • Master The Art Of Positioning. No more cold-calling and constantly trolling for new clients just to pay the bills every week. I will show you how to brand and promote yourself and your business so prospects and customers are magnetically drawn to you – with little to no price resistance.
  • Create a Ton of Content and Be Seen Everywhere. Stop losing sleep or having to block off an entire day every single week. Organically “Multi-Purpose” Your Content without boring your community or getting slapped by Google (this session alone is worth the price of admission!)
  • Be Seen Everywhere and Secretly 'Follow' Your Prospects Around Until They Buy! This session gets a standing ovation at every Dream Business Academy - so we're doing it again! And do I have the ultimate guest expert to show you this? (More on that in a moment.)
  • Master The Art Of Extreme Productivity. Using what I share here, you’ll run circles around your competition, get more done in a week than most entrepreneurs do in a month, and still enjoy the lifestyle you deserve!
  • Create And Nurture Your Own Support Team. My average team member has been with me for five years – one has been with me since 2006! I’ll reveal the killer strategy that gets everyone on your team feeding you great business building ideas on a regular basis!
  • Become the Author of Multiple Books – FAST! I get asked a ton of questions on how I wrote six books in six years while running multiple businesses. Watch as I pull back the curtain and reveal how I write books quickly and without spending a boatload of money
  • Launch Your Book And Grow Your Business – FAST! We will reveal the webpages, e-mails, and the entire strategy behind the amazingly-successful launch of my sixth book, DECIDE – The Ultimate Success Trigger. It’s like getting handed a giant swipe-file!
  • Create Multiple Streams of Revenue. Discover the art of selling programs and products that your customers and clients actually want! This will be a very personal look behind the curtain of my business and I’ll reveal how and why I set up each revenue stream and how my virtual team enthusiastically runs – and grows – them for me!
  • Use The '6 Big Drivers To Success'. Because mindset is so crucial to your success, I’m going to share some very personal things about me, what drives me every day, and I’ll also reveal what I call my ‘6 Big Drivers To Success’.
  • Fix Your Millionaire Mindset and So You’ll Stop Repelling Money! In some of my speeches, I show a slide with pictures of a family famous for starring in reality TV. Typically, the audience will boo and hiss. Regardless of your opinion of reality TV, this is a problem, and I’ll show you how to fix it so you can claim your wealth lifestyle!
  • Write Magnetically Engaging 'Seed-Based' Copy! One of the most skills highly-successful entrepreneurs know is how to write (and speak) in a way that not only delivers value, but it magnetically attracts prospects ready to buy, and, it plants seeds for future prospective clients. This session will be fun, interactive, highly educational, and worth the price of admission alone!!

This leads to one of our most entertaining modules, called

  • Stump the Coach! Ask your Dream Business Coach anything you want and see if he cannot instantly and effortlessly turn it into a ‘seed planting’ answer! This fun exercise will teach you how to think quick on your feet and always be ready to market and grow your business, no matter what you’re asked!

And finally, I will show you how to

  • Quit. (I 'Quit', And You Should, Too!) In a very candid and personal discussion, I’ll show you why after four years of intensely hard work, following devastating unemployment and cancer, I decided to close my first multiple six figure business to pursue a different strategy. If you feel stuck in your current business model, this might be the ‘ice breaker’ you need to finally consider a different approach.

Need assistance? Prefer to register over the phone? Just call (800) 214-6158 or e-mail coach@GetJimPalmer.com.